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Hypercom M2100 Terminal

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Hypercom Optimum M2100

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Key Features

  • MasterCard PTSP approved
  • Wireless device allows mobile payment
  • Supports GSM/GPRS wireless technologies
  • Powerful 32-bit RISC processor for high-speed transactions
  • Easy-to-use interface conforms to international standards
  • PED certified and EMV approved
  • 12MB of memory accommodates multiple applications
  • Supports multiple languages and currencies
  • Includes fast Triple DES encryption
  • Graphics-capable, 15 lines per second thermal printer
  • Easy-to-load, jam-free printer
  • Long-life battery handles up to 300 transactions


The Optimum M2100 is an easy-to-use wireless payment device that offers highly secure, ultra-fast transactions, that allows data transmission from anywhere without the constrictions of wiring. This technology enables customers to take control of the transaction process in a number of new markets, including hospitality, transportation and other mobile merchants. The M2100 can process up to 300 transactions on a single charge, meaning merchants can accept wireless payment. Combined with its 32-bit RISC processor, both magnetic stripe and chip card readers and graphical backlit display, the M2100 is a truly unique combination of performance, security, reliability and ease of use, which is the cornerstone of the Optimum family.

Cost Effective

  • Always online GSM/GPRS communications ensure the device is always ready to transact electronic payments or send information via cost-effective wireless technology. In cases the device is not in range of wireless service, store and forward functionality is available
  • Intuitive, color-coded keypad and easily identifiable card reader slots withstand high volumes of traffic, while decreasing transaction times and improving customer throughput
  • Backlit, graphic screen is clear and easy to read, features-configurable fonts and can also display logos for advertising, providing the best possible guidance throughout the transaction while delivering a unique, low-cost marketing opportunity


  • Capable of process up to 300 transactions on one charge with long-life battery that delivers many hours of uninterrupted payment processing for mobile payment
  • Fast transaction times through 32-bit RISC processor reduce communications costs, delivering data transactions in less than 10 seconds
  • Increased marketing capabilities by displaying logos, icons and in-store messages on the screen and receipts, which allows merchants to expand marketing capabilities at the POS and increase customer retention
  • Full-featured, secure terminal management system including local or web-based options enables users to download terminal software safely and easily
  • Multiple, value-added applications can be implemented by merchants with 12MB memory capacity that can support one application with embedded feature-rich functions or several independent application modules


  • Visa-PED approved device is fully compatible with global security and communications standards such as EMV
  • Fast Triple DES for secure encryption and protection of valuable cardholder information with powerful processing engine
  • Tamper-proof architecture protects internal systems from invasion
  • Hand-over form factor facilitates fast and secure PIN entry
  • Fast SSL up to 2048 bits, which provides the most secure SSL over IP in the industry today

Processor 32-bit processor
Keypad 16 keys, water splash-resistant

64 x 128 pixels LED backlight

Card Reader

Magnetic stripe: Tracks 1, 2 & 3 standard
Chip card:EMV 4.0 Level 1 and 2 certified;
ISO 7816; 3 SAM sockets

Communications GSM/GPRS

Drop-in loading, thermal technology, 384 dots per line, 60mm feed per second Paper roll: 57 mm x 50 mm

Memory Flash:4MB
SDRAM:8MB standard
SDRAM battery backup: 512KB
Power AC:100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
DC:7.5 V, 4.5 A
Battery: Lithium-Ion, 7.4V, 2000mAh
Security Encryption DES:PIN-ANSI X9.8, MAC-ANSI X9.9 ANSI X9.24 Part 1
Triple DES: ANSI X9.52
Key management: DUKPT and 12 master/session keys
Footprint 9.84 in x 4.33 in x 3.15 in/25.0 cm x 11.0 cm x 8.0 cm
Weight 1.55 lbs/0.58 kg approximate
Environment Temperature:0-45° C/32-115°F
Humidity: Max 85%, non-condensing
ESD: 12,000 volts
Reliability 100,000 hours (MTBF calculated)


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