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Hypercom Artema Pin Hybrid Terminal

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Hypercom Artema Pin Hybrid

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Artema PIN Hybrid is Hypercom's high-performance hybrid PIN pad for
use with EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) systems. For use in multilane
retail environments and petrol stations, Artema PIN Hybrid allows
merchants to process both magnetic and chip card transactions with PIN.

Artema PIN Hybrid has a convenient and user-friendly interface which enables the PIN pad to meet today's requirements for fast and secure card payment transactions. Additionally, its broad functionality allows a wide range of customised solutions to fit the requirements of most retailers.


  • ZKA
  • EMV Level 1 & 2


  • Debit
  • Credit
  • Prepaid
  • Loyalty
  • Dynamic currency conversion



Fast and User-Friendly

  • Fast transactions - Hybrid card reader allows both chip and magnetic stripe cards to be authenticated on insertion
  • Secure PIN pad - Meets highest security levels
  • Easy integration - With cash register systems or card payment terminals
  • Customer convenience - Large graphics display for greater ease of use

Hybrid Card Reader for Fast Transactions

  • Clear logos guide the cardholder to insert a card in a single slot, irrespective of magnetic stripe or chip technology
  • Ensures straightforward and consistent handling for all card types
  • Artema PIN Hybrid enables merchants to accept Chip and PIN cards without increasing transaction time

User-Friendly Customer Interface

  • Built-in shield to protect the confidentiality of the cardholder's PIN
  • Single hybrid card reader allows either the customer or the merchant to initiate transactions
  • Designed with an intuitive and tactile keypad, as well as a large graphics display, for enhanced ease of use

Secure PIN Entry

  • Meets industry requirements for Chip and PIN, with EMV, PCI PED and ZKA certifications
  • Provides maximum security and high processing speed for any card scheme, including debit, credit, e-purse and proprietary cards

Versatile Communication Interfaces

  • Supports connection to Artema desktop terminals, to cash registers and other integrated payment solutions, either in RS-232 or USB mode
  • Cabling is simplified by the use of a single cable for data transmission and power supply
  • Optional Ethernet interface can be included to connect to networked payment solutions

Associated Products

Can be used with Artema Desk or with Software Terminal


• 32-bit RISC processor

Memory • Up to 4 MB Flash
• Up to 1 MB RAM
Card Readers • Hybrid chip and magnetic stripe card reader (3 tracks)
• Up to 4 SAM connectors
• Optional SD/MMC connector
Display • 132 x 64 pixel, backlit
• 8 lines x 22 characters
Keypad • 17 keys, backlit
• Acoustic beep
Interfaces • RS-232 with power supply for cash register connection
• Optional 2nd RS-232
• Optional USB slave interface
• Optional built-in Ethernet interface
Power supply • DC 12 V, 1.4 A
• Optional power supply
Footprint • 8.46 in (l) x 3.54 in (w) x 4.92 in (h)
• 215 mm (l) x 90 mm (w) x 125 (h)
Weight • 1.54 lbs
• 700 g
Approvals • PCI PED
• EMV Level 1 & 2


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