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Block Junk Email

Stop Email Spam (Block Junk Email)

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Spam Arrest is a 100-percent effective solution for blocking automated junk emails.

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Block Email Spam

This short animation shows how the Spamarrest process works. Spammers use automated systems to generate their messages which cannot get past our verification process.



When a new messages is sent to you, Spam Arrest checks to see if the sender is authorized to send you emails.

If so, the email is placed in your inbox, with absolutely no delay.

If the sender is blocked, the email is deleted immediately.

If this is the first email from the sender, the email is held in a temporarily holding location and the sender is sent an email with a challenge which only a human is capable of completing. The sender only needs to complete the challenge once, and their email, and all future emails that they send you, will immediately be placed in your inbox.

You may also explicitly approve and block senders at any time.