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Debit Card Types

Online and Offline Debit Cards

Debit Card Processing:

• Maestro (MasterCard),
• Interlink (Visa)
• Star System
• Pulse and NYCE

Most businesses choose to use debit cards instead of Visa or Mastercard for the basic fact of costs. The money from Debit cards are immediately transferred to your account. When you are at a store location the card is swiped and then you are prompted to input a secure pin number. The system automatically checks to see if there are funds in your account and creates a debit against that.

What is an Off Line Debit Card?

Off line debit cards which are normally used but can be used requires a signature rather then it instantaneously coming from your checking account. The customer in this instance signs a receipt rather then inputting a pin number.

Why Should I use Debit Cards?

For one its all a matter of having a pin number to purchase items and goods without being hassled in showing your drivers license. For the merchant its a lot cheaper having the customer use the debit rather then using Visa or Mastercard.