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Debit Card Services

Debit Card Services

The Choice of Using Debit Cards

ATM Debit Card Services:

Being able to accept Debit cards is the safest and fastest way to spend your money.

Here's why:

• Much easier to use than a check

• Statements are itemized with the location and time of the debit card transaction and deducted from your account. Checks are not.

• Most debit cards double as ATM cards and Visa/MC.

• With Checks you have to stay on top of balancing your account.

• No room for account error because the debit is automatically taken out.

Using the Debit system is the most popular and efficient way to go:

We process for:

• Maestro (MasterCard),
• Interlink (Visa)
• Star System
• Pulse and NYCE

These give you the ability to handle some of the most popular nationwide debit card networks.

Sale proceeds are deposited into your account almost instantaneously after transactions.

Transactions are easy and fast. Conducting a debit card transaction is simple and its a matter of entering a secure pin number.

Debit card transactions will appear on your consolidated merchant processing statement along with your credit card transactions and can be view online with most banks having that available.

24/7 customer support.