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We try to accommodate you as the consumer and evaluate what needs you are trying to obtain both financially and also provide you with great customer service as well. Our intention is to minimize your effort and maximize your sales potential by offering you the best program available.

One Processor Does it All!
When you set up with retail credit card processing, check verification and an on-line credit card pricing option, Gift Cards, Wireless you name it we can get you started. We like to consider ourselves your payment processing "One Stop Shop". Consider being able to speak to one sales rep and have all your questions answered with one phone call. We have an excellent payment Gateway that provides access to an enormous amount of popular shopping carts available today.

If you need an International, Canadian, Online, Retail Merchant Accounts, we have the right solution for your business. Please give us a chance to recognize your efforts in business and ours in the world of Merchant Accounts.

Accepting credit cards, checks and debit cards is the only way to establish your business and grow as industry standards grow. Along with great rates and exceptional customer service InfoMerchant has partnered with Fasttransact to bring you the best in Merchant Accounts, International, Canadian Merchant Accounts and any service needed to accept payments. We also have the Veloct payment gateway, top securities in place and exceptional customer service.

The retail has seen much growth with the combination of a brick and mortar and together with Internet Marketing and Shopping carts businesses have been able to take advantage of endless customers at there disposal. We want to help minimize your efforts and maximize your potential. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have and point you in the right direction to get started.