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Ingenico ICT 250 Terminal

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Ingenico ICT 250


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Vivid Color Display, Outstanding Power and Built-in Contactless Option Ingenico’s new generation iCT250 terminal combines its outstanding color display, the power to process 500 million instructions per second, the latest PCI PED 2.0 security, and the revenue opportunities of countless value added services in one unique family. A contactless EMV payment option supports card and mobile phone Near Field Communications (NFC) payment. The base unit contains Ethernet and fast dial modem support. Add an optional communications module (GPRS/Wi-FI/Bluetooth) and you have a configuration tailored to your operational needs.


The new Ingenico iCT200 series is EMV and PCI PED 2.0 certified, delivering security-as-standard and peace of mind for both the consumer and the merchant. Its 32-bit RISC crypto-processor provides a uniquely scalable and high-performance platform to support a host of new generation or reinforced security applications, with no impact on transaction speed or reliability.

Utilising ARM9 and ARM7 microprocessor technology, the iCT200 series of countertop terminals combine innovation and performance - assuring a faster, more convenient
and more reliable transaction every time.

With compact design and ergonomic styling, Ingenico's iCT200 series offers a huge range of functionality. Clear backlit graphic displays, white or color screens allow easy reading and promotion of the merchant's brand, while the intuitively backlit designed keypad, with large keys, delivers ease of use for both merchant and consumer.

Equipped with an unparalleled array of communication technologies, such as fast modem, ethernet or GPRS, Ingenico's iCT200 series delivers any time, anywhere connectivity. A contactless EMV payment option supports card payment.

Software Development
Ingenico delivers incremental revenue today and future proofs the terminal investments of tomorrow. The iCT200 series provide the rapid development environment on which to build a compelling portfolio of targeted, new generation services.

Field Services
To reduce total cost of ownership and enable merchants and banks to maximize their terminals investments, Ingenico provides a comprehensive range of terminal and software update and management services both remotely and in the field.




NAME   iCT220 ICT 250
ARM 9 & ARM 7
450 MIPS & 50 MIPS
Memory RAM/Flash 16MB/16MB 16MB/128MB
Communication Mode Dial-up Modem


  Ethernet optional optional  
  WiFi optional    
SAM   2 2
Card Readers Smart Card 1 1
  Magstripe Track 1/2/3 Track 1/2/3
Display Graphic 128 x 64    
Display TFT Color QVGA 320 x 240 pixels    
Keyboard Number of keys
Function/Navigation keys


Privacy Shield   optional optional
Thermal Printer Lines/second 18 lps 18 lps
Connections on terminal RS232 1 1 (+1 optional)
  USB Host 1 1
  USB Slave 1 1
  Power supply connector 1 1
Magic Box      
Connections on Magic Box Power supply connector
1 1
  RS232 1 1
  Line in 1 1
  Ethernet 1 1
Size (in mm) Terminal L 83 x W 185 x H 63 L 83 x W 185 x H 63
  Paper Roll (width/diameter) 58/Ø40 58/Ø40
Weight (in gr) Terminal (w/o paper roll nor cable) 325 325
Customization Lens

optional optional
  Printer cover flap optional optional
  Top Casing    
Environment Operating temperature

85% HR at +40°C 85% HR at +40°C
+5°C to +45°C +5°C to +45°C
  Storage temperature -20°C to +55°C -20°C to +55°C
  Relative humidity, non condensing 85% HR at +40°C 85% HR at +40°C
PCI PED 2.0 Online & offline    

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