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Products and Services for Accepting Checks

Credit Card Processing

• Visa
• MasterCard
• American Express
• Discover
• Carte Blanche
• Diners

Debit Card Processing

• Maestro
• Interlink
• Star System
• Pulse

Check Processing

• Electronic Check Conversion*
• ACH Verification
• Check Guarantee
• Online Checks
• Electronic Funds Transfer

Collection Services

• Traditional Check Collections
• Electronic Re-Presentment
• Licensed in all 50 States

Customer Service

• 24 Hours a Day
• 7 Days a Week Incl. Holidays
• Toll-Free Access
• Web-Based Support

Internet Financial Portal

• E-Commerce Enabled Web Site
• Online Transaction History
• Online Bank Account Access
• National Business Directory

Your Choice of "Front End" Transaction Entry Options

• Point of Sale Terminals
• Online Website
• PC Software
• Cell Phone Processing
• Wireless Processing
• Browser-Based Virtual Terminals
• Touch Tone Telephone
• Fax Machine

* Electronic Check Conversion - Paper checks are converted to electronic items, so you don't have to deposit them at your bank.


Is accepting checks a thing of the past?

Being able to accept checks is not the dinosaur of the past anymore. Checks can be converted and deposited as fast as you can say "guaranteed" We can provide you with the best ways in securing the check in hand and accepting the funds into your account. Below is a few of the services we provide and some questions you might have concerning check acceptance.

Can I accept checks over the Internet?

Yes, we provide merchants with the ability to accept checks over the Internet. Your customers enter their check account information into one of the payment forms used by our merchants and the check is then processed through the Automated Clearing House (ACH).

What is Check Verification?

Check verification is a low-cost service that verifies checks you might accept from a customer. It allows the merchant to know if the customer has any bad checks that have been written. The check is run through a POS Terminal or Check Reader and then its verified. This system of checking is usually done within seconds and poses no wait time for the Merchant at all. Real time verification is important to both the retailer and customer and verification allows quicker and safe transactions.

Benefits of Real Time Authorization:

  • Very quick and easy when used with a check reader
  • No discount fee charged to Merchant
  • Bad check are automatically forwarded to collection agency (no Merchant involvement)
  • Merchant is reimbursed 100% of check upon successful collection; no additional fees!
What is Check Guarantee?

Check guarantee is like an insurance policy for checks you accept at your retail location. All checks that are received are checked against a negative database and reduces your risk of accepting fraudulent checks.

Does your company accept a large number of checks? Your ability to protect, deposit, verify and guarantee the check received by a customer has just become easier.

Check Guarantee has state of the art check Authorization, Guarantee, and Internet Check acceptance that is suited for your company. Although credits card usage is becoming the preferred method of payment, Checks at the current time, still lead the pack. Programs created below are fully compatible with POS terminals and software and can be integrated into your merchant agreement. This is the most widely used guarantee system available to all merchants. This system is automatically guaranteed through an automated system when the check is scanned.

Our check guarantee service is a low cost way to accept checks and costs are minimal when compared to credit card processing.

What is check collection or check recovery?

Check collection which can be called Check Recovery is a service that collects on unpaid services. When your bank receives the returned check, our collectors make telephone calls and/or send letters to collect from the consumer. We are contracted with all 50 states, and our sales team is educated and well trained in helping you obtain the knowledge needed.

How effective is Check Recovery?

Check Recovery collects NSF check funds 80% of the time. Check Recovery has a success rate based on the fact that they monitor the customer's accounts for available funds on days when customer's are most likely to have funds in their accounts (13 times a month!).

When it sees the available funds, it submits the electronic transaction along with the NSF fee. Your payment is always the priority amount, over the NSF fee. If there are only funds enough to cover your check, the system will debit that amount first and try for their NSF fee later. Also, since the check has been transformed into an electronic item, it takes precedence over paper checks. The system even provides you a status report, so you can track the collection of the NSF checks. If the check remains uncollected after 30 days, you have the option of using an alternative collection service.

What is a Check Image?

A check produces a digital image that becomes available online. The are two simultaneous steps that happens at the same time as the transaction is being processed and at the same time the image is being captured on the check imager. Then the image is stored in a image repository which can be viewed by the merchant by logging in to the system.

Uses for the Check Image:

- For the collection of bounced checks

- Its also used for marketing purposes as well.

These are a few things that check imaging can do for your business:

-It reduces processing costs
-It speeds up your clearing cycles
-It gives you an edge in customer service

What is check re-presentment?

Check re-presentment is an automated, consumer friendly, electronic process to collect returned checks. For the merchant, the check acceptance process at the point of sale is virtually the same. You're not bothered with collection issues, instead, your bank mails us all your returned checks. We re-present them up to two times electronically through the Automated Clearing House (ACH). The second re-presentment is on the 1st or 16th of the month to increase success rates.

You are paid 100% of the face amount of the check upon collection. Funds are electronically credited to your account twice a month.


  • You're not bothered with collection issues – focus on your core business instead.
  • Your bank mails us all your returned checks. We re-present them up to two times electronically through the Automated Clearing House (ACH).
  • The second re-presentment is on the 1st or 16th of the month to increase success rates.
  • You are paid 100% of the face amount of the check upon collection. Funds are electronically credited to your account twice a month.


  • No charge to you!
  • Automatic reimbursement.
  • Payday re-presentment improves chance of collection.
  • Your bank forwards your returned items directly to our processing center.
Customer service - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays.

For more questions and answers check out our Check Processing FAQ