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Check Conversion (ECC)

Electronic Check Conversion (ECC)


What is electronic check conversion?

Electronic Check Conversion, or "ECC" greatly reduces the cost, time, and risks associated with check acceptance at the point-of-sale (POS).

No one uses a manual imprinter to accept credit cards any longer. Instead, merchants handle credit card transactions through EFT (Electronic Funds Transfers) using VeriFone or similar terminals. Paper checks have remained non-automated...until now!

Electronic Check Conversion is the most efficient way of saving you money and heartache due to non sufficient funds. Using a check has become a simplistic as using paper money or a credit card. It also is more cost efficient for the Merchant as well.


- Quicker Processing of Checks
- Both funds can be converted into your bank account as well as the location of purchase.
- Checks are automatically deposited into your account and check balancing is much easier.
- Quicker response time to Non sufficient funds and can be recovered quicker.
- Minimizes fraud from check writer.
- Stops lost or stolen checks.
- Verifies checks at no cost to you.
- Reports through all POS systems and Check Readers.